Gradually we are seeing several open source solutions for 5G core. I was glad when I read about OAI releasing a cloud native open source 5G core.

What excites me about the OAI 5g core is that it comes ready with some containerization features:

  • Dockerfiles for building container images: when you take a look at the Dockerfiles you will agree with me that they did a good job!
  • Liveness and readiness scripts: This helps to ensure that only healthy PODs are used for traffic processing
  • Sample docker compose files: You can make use of the docker compose files to quickly…

This blog post shows how to deploy an opensource 5G core with service mesh on Kubernetes.

N.B — Some familiarity with kubernetes and telecommunication is assumed.


  • Kubernetes v1.21
  • Calico CNI
  • Open5gs 5G Core
  • Linkerd stable-2.10.0
  • Helm v3
  • UERANSIM v3.1.4 (gNB and UE simulator)

The service mesh makes this interesting because the 5G components SBI are http2 traffic, in order they can be treated like any other http application (service routing, circuit-breaking, etc). The only exception to this is the UPF which only uses GTP-U and PFCP. This means that UPF will not have a linked proxy side-car.

Deployment Steps:

  1. Create…

The first part of this series (​ dealt with installing the kubernetes cluster using the open source project kubespray. It should be noted that I have left the aspect of internet access out, this depends on the way you want to achieve this but if you are curious as to how I set this up, I used the FRR as the default gateway for all the VMs, then I used IPTABLES to NAT (Masquerade) all traffic from the subnet to (this is the FRR interface that is connected to the internet cloud )

As a reminder below…

I started my IT career as a network engineer around 2003, back then I used GNS3 heavily to emulate both Cisco and Juniper devices but as the years rolled on I eventually switched to been a Linux/Infrastructure engineer, hence network engineering was no longer my main core area but I never stopped following, from time to time I still had to troubleshoot some IP/Switching/OSPF issues.

For about 2 years now my focus is now on Devops tool chain i.e. kubernetes, CI/CD, service mesh etc..

So this blog post is just to demonstrate how a kubernetes cluster can be deployed in…

Update March 17 / 2019: Jmeter Operator is released:

In one of my recent projects we’d to perform load testing with Apache Jmeter on Kubernetes for some large scale web applications which are running on Kubernetes.

This articles shares our experience and gives you an overview of how to implement load testing with Apache Jmeter running on a Kubernetes cluster and was presented by our meetup, the recording is available on our YouTube Channel here:


This article assumes that you already have a kubernetes cluster > Kubernetes 1.8 or OpenShift version > 3.5

Christopher Adigun

5G core, Kubernetes

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